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I think the goal here is the content and we should let the users decide what to promote. If we start labeling with prefixes, soon this site itself will be policing the source of contents. With that will also follow the abuse and mislabeling from the users. Then these prefixes will descend to meaningless names.

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As I said, this would just be a voluntary convention.

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Let's assume that can be done. So the /v/Gundeals subverse can be aliased to /v/rGundeals, /v/twGundeals, /v/fbGundeals, etc. What would happen to other subverse name if it coincides with one of those aliases? The namespace would collide with each other.

Is it possible to just use the flairs to indicate the source of origin?

Edit: or customize the css?

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It would flood the site with reddit post, cancer and strain on our server.

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Which is why I suggested isolating them in separate verses, which people can easily block.

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How much truly original content do you think people come up with?

It's 98.3% recycled, with your convention there won't be a subverse without a prefix, lol.