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Did i ask for your file faggot?

Is there any indication that the link you want me to clink does NOT link to a post, but just sends me shit? No? If you were legit youd be asking if i want it.

Suck a cock.

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Can you post some examples?

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SomeGuyFromRI was at it this morning. Im on mobile and id have to dig. They even usually have bog standard clickbait titles like "funniest video ever" etc.

I made a post about a month ago regarding .pdf files being used to compromise systems with a couple of links after a day where every third post was some must have information in pdf form that was downloading itself on the pc. The file is automacally being pushed when you click the post title.

Now a legit(ish) source would at the very least be putting a link in the topic with some kind of choice as to whether you go 'what no link to a webpage with funnies?' or youre on a fuckin death wish and you respond with 'kitty pics in a self downloading known attack vector? I gotta have this.'

Irrelevant on the mobile as it pops up and asks if i want to save it whereas on chrome it does its own thing. Never been tempted to open one never fuckin will. Only PDFs i open are my payslips you doubleniggers.

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his screen name says it all, Rhode Island is a fucking cultural black hole.

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If I read news that SomeGuyFromRI got butchered in his bed with a dull knife I would celebrate.