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I too have sight problems and I must say a lot of Voat is very well done. When you make the text bigger it 'flows' just right and doesn't make you scroll back and forth.

The colors could use some work. The up/down arrows are hard to see when selected due to the color scheme (I use night mode with no css) to my eyes. You could change the highlight color to something more vivid like a bright green and it would be easier to see.

You could make it configurable to make everyone happy

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It sucks in some subs because they use bad design choices for their custom CSS. It's not too bad with that option disabled and then using night mode.

I am partially colorblind and some subs really suck. I like the different styles so I just cope with it and hope for the best. But, the CSS is up to the sub owners/mods and they are not all UI design people.

If it is too bad, try night mode and disabling the custom CSS in your settings. Those colors are pretty contrasting so I haven't any issues with those. Though, I am only partially colorblind and just have issues with some parts of the spectrum.

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My problem is with the front page and standard subs using night mode and more-so the downvoat triangle. The upvoat blue is easier to see than the purple downvoat which looks very similar to the grey unvoated triangle. I don't downvoat too often so its not such a big deal. Perhaps its just me, but perhaps there are others...

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I do the purple part of the spectrum pretty well. It's the darker blues, some red hues, and just on the edge of light green that I have issue with.

A part of it is that colorblindness doesn't impact everyone the same. So, it's going to be different with everyone. Design manuals suggest a high contrast option but I think a simple mechanism to pick your own colors would probably be best. I can't imagine it'd be too difficult to add, but I'm sure Putt has far more pressing concerns.

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Do you use day or night mode?

Night mode is all purple/light blue on black, it's pretty easy to see, I think.. If you're looking to enlarge things, there are ways through your browser to do it, tell me what you use.

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I use mostly night mode. The downvoat triangle is harder to see than the upvoat triangle.

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Understood, but they're probably not going to be made bigger or changed anytime soon. The best we can do is enlarge it through your browser.