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Your ticket number is 419340

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I just want to delete my account and have an up to date canary. Is that too much to ask?

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Your number is 313317.

Currently serving number 30035. Current estimated wait time > 2 years.

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i wrote that canary and i spent months convincing the then admins atif colo and justin chastain to publish it regularly and use the appropriate dead goat switch to make it functional.

@Puttitout no longer updates the warrant canary because atif colo and justin chastain were served with NDAs they were all but forced to sign. NDAs that said they could never talk about the criminal takeover of voat.

oh no, i'll wait, go ask @atko why he can't talk about it; watch for specific avoidance. while you're waiting go check out my top and bottom most comments and posts on my profile at @sanegoatiswear to go down the rabbit hole of the death of voat.

yeah @caesarkid1 if you only knew how bad things really are, i actually went and learned how to code, built a team, and have spent 6 months building voat's replacement simply because no one else is doing it.

hey @totes_magotes that's not justin chastain anymore. the putt account is run by paid criminal SJW shills like kevdude crensch cyna etc.

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I used to think you were crazy. What is this site you're building?

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Or he could, you know, be a fuckin' admin and be here once in a while, not just to make an announcement or respond to an accusation.

He's starting to piss me off enough that I'm considering how much work it would be to make a replacement site of my own.

So he'd better get off his fuckin' ass.

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he better start doing things i want or else i'm not going to use this free site and suck up his limited resources any more

[–] Caesarkid1 [S] 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

Well it's not like he has a support staff helping him out. He has all these assholes with non-issues complaining every five minutes about this thing or that thing blowing things out of proportion simply to wind people up like autistic psychopaths at the DMV.

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How the fuck do you make an excuse for that, huh?

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Make one and create a pull request at github https://github.com/voat/voat

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Current code base is not even on Github, at least the preview stuff definitely isn't.

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don't worry, i've been making a solid replacement for half a year now. a few more months and we ought be deploying.

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What are pigs?

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mammals of the bacon producing variety.