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Fun fact: BitChute or "Bit ću te" means "Ill give you a beating" in Serbian.

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Didn't know that, thanks!

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hi, it's sanegoat. just wanted to chat with you; how's life? it's the jews. niggers need to leave for wakanda. thoughts?

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Interesting. I was calling it "Bitch Ute" after that Aussie bogan slang for pick up trucks.

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Sounds identical to the African meaning.

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This is the most important thing I've read all day

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We do have an embed url https://www.bitchute.com/embed/<video id> that could be used to implement this. Makersupport.com is an example of a site that currently supports this

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Has any copyright claims been litigated yet? Oddly streaming a song off YouTube is legal but torrenting it with bitchute isn't. I've been staying away from the site for this reason.

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while you are here, how do i keep the miner from stopping? I'm using vivaldi, and after a while, if i go to that tab, it is just a black frame at the bottom. I f5 and click start, but it happens again at some point.

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Could it be your computer is going into sleep mode? We are in the process of making a desktop version so that might be a better solution in the long run.

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Please! With the recent banning of gun videos from YouTube, and the banning of Gun-related material from Reddit, it's a perfect match for the site.

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Not to mention it looks like the recent videos from dailymotion were taken down during the evening

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Yeah I just saw that, was trying to show someone at work the crazy.....And it's gone...

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is @bitchute even the owner? or worker, shared account? He has been the one linking the most to it recently.

dont get me wrong, I'm all for a alt to youtube

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Official account

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How many other companies would admit to having an official account on Voat?

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The timestamp, it's very important feature, like this https://hooktube.com/ZJ5zOEkD2Lg?t=11m43s

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From the look of it, yes; it does appear to be legit. But, you know, nothing is 100%. If you keep going into several pages on that new list, there are other users linking to bitchute videos as well.

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Looks nice! This could be a pagination alternative for the site. I personally dislike the infinite scrolling method.

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I liek day mode.

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BitChute unfortunately doesn't work for me since I use Brave web browser on Android. Don't want to use Chrome for obvious reasons. Any suggestions?

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I am not sure about suggestion. I mainly use Pale Moon on my android and other computers because of encrypted bookmarks and tabs synching features. You could try Opera or search from the searchvoat.co. There was a post about different browsers with respect to user privacy.

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This would be good.

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It saves time and browser's tab space.

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