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I won't use that until they strip exif data and force https sitewide, I believe that is the general consensus among others as well.

Will be nice when it's ready for production, but I don't think it's ready yet and wish it wasn't even public until it was. Just my $0.02

I do agree with needing an imgur alternative, however from experience I can assure you that running an image hosting site is a PAIN in the ass as you really need to be able to moderate the content being uploaded and have a way of knowing who uploaded content that violates your TOS. What I ended up doing to block all the TOS violations was simply ban entire countries from accessing the site as all the problem users stemmed from, uh, certain areas of the world. It was a lazy fix but it worked. Later I sold it because I didn't want to deal with it anymore. Lot of liability issues depending on where the server(s) are located, servers are not free and monetization to keep them online is a must and having a setup capable of delivering content quickly and effectively to a global audience is a challenge as well.