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The way that ZeroNet works makes it impossible to run a site like Voat well. ZeroNet essentially gives each individual user access to their own file, and it uses the aggregate of these files to render the site. The problem comes when someone opens their file and starts changing timestamps(bumps posts), editing old content(with no indicatiom). ZeroNet works terribly for dynamic content. If you're interested in more details feel free to ask

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So it was money now it's a webhost...

Why is it the more that 'smart' people talk about blockchain the less it sound like they know what it actually fucking is?

EDIT - No, now its apparently a pizza chain.... yes, yes i can see how machines making legit money by doing stuff will also host a website and manage a chain of pizza restaurants.... im convinced.

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You don’t know what you are talking about. https://zeronet.io/

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Zeronet is not a blockchain system.

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Why use this instead of the .bit domain? It would also have the side-benefit of generating its own namecoins.