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  1. No. They can look at the fuckin' link.

  2. No. You can put [PDF] in the title if you want them to stop whining.

  3. No. PDFs are avenues of viruses.

  4. No. Stop trying to cater to whiny little bitches.

  5. No. Admin is working on critical site features and a fucking huge bug list before even thinking about adding features to stop whiny little shits.

  6. No. Stop being a whiny little shit about free speech, censorship, and banning. We've been through the type of tantrum tirades like yours before. It didn't change anything then, it's not going to change anything now. Except maybe your CCP which will cause site restrictions to kick in once you get hammered enough (you slut). So, please, keep whining.

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I'm glad you read the points I outlined. Too bad you ignored all of them except one. It's really simple: no matter how much you whine and make noise about it, it's not getting done and if it does get done, it's not happening for a LONG time. Until then, you can either keep bitching like a little baby or you can fucking deal.


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Or maybe just put a pdf warning like the rest of us civilized folks. Idk, seems like a small benefit for coding that. I'm not admin though so ymmv.


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I'm dropping this comment in a few places because I can't make my own post about it and I can't message anyone directly about it seeing as I have - 13 CCP.

Why the hell do I have to currently have +10 CCP to post or message someone?

It should only take into account my total positive CCP. I was brigaded because I was arguing with some Troglodytes over stupid shit and now I can't even post in my own subverse I had created yesterday.

This +current ccp will create an echo chamber. It's already happened. I am a right leaning individual who believes a border wall should be built immediately in the US, that we should stop immigration from middle eastern countries, and that we should end affirmative action. But because I don't say fuck jews or that Mexican people are trash and call those people out, they can effectively censor me. It's a bad atmosphere and if I can be shut down by these people and I am right leaning, there is no way in hell VOAT will ever get beyond where it is now.

Please fix this bullshit current CCP lock. I'd have posted this with my real account v/pragmaticpolicy but I can't because I can also only submit 10 comments / day. lol. check that account out for details.


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Hey man, if you want to link to your user account you type in /u/pragmaticpolicy instead of /v/

As for your -ccp woes, while I agree you should be able to post in your own damn sub and send people messages, it's no ones fault but your own that you got downvoted so hard. Go look though your comments and note how you were insulting people left and right. People tend to react poorly to insults, even when your points are good, you cumchugging goat groper.

See what I mean? To see a spamfag flip his shit visit /u/chippytubes/


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"Go look though your comments and note how you were insulting people left and right. People tend to react poorly to insults, even when your points are good, you cumchugging goat groper."

I don't give a shit if they downvote me. This website is crawling with incels and racists. It's just the truth. And if this websites system means that insulting them = not being able to interact with the website then it's destined to fail. Let me get -100 karma as long as I can still post shit and everytime someone is being a fuckhead I will insult them.

If you want to go to v/niggers and type in fuck niggers you can probably get 100 ccp and start submitting and downvoting shit within hours. If you are a normal decent human being it's going to be a lot longer of a road. They need to fix this asap.