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SearchVoat.co has a Create Alert button which does exactly this.

Do a search which returns the results you want (e.g. subverses: "guitar,mathemagician") and hit Create Alert to get Inbox messages when a new submission matches the search.

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Sweet! Thanks! I will definitely be looking into that. Can it match terms - like 'weekly guitar thread" + in sub v/guitar? That'd be way too awesome.

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Yes it can. Suggest you experiment with search terms (be sure to open "Options") then create an alert when it matches what you want.

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Oh wait, I see the Voat API isn't processing private messages currently. There have been changes lately, it's probably a Voat bug. Working on a workaround...

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That would be very nice. I have wanted that for a while as well.

What time does the event at v/guitar start?

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In almost exactly one hour. It opens Friday nights at 20:00 (8:00 PM) Eastern.

I am working on a notification system. So far, I'm the only one who's signed up, however. So, it's not a very effective notification system. ;-)

I'd LOVE for something internal for that - to be able to send out mass notices to let people know that the weekly guitar thread's gonna open. That'd be awesome - as it stays open all weekend (all week, really).

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I love this. During the deep winter, v/JustGrowIt gets pretty ignored. I hate finding threads that are days old.

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It looks like @SearchVoat had a method, but it's now broken due to API changes. So, they're working on a workaround for it.

Something internal would be nice, but if it saves me from having to write my own script up - I'll be happy to use the SV site. Hell, that means they have to maintain it, not me! I don't have that much free time, as of late. So, it'd be great and I can certainly see why it'd be of use in your sub.