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I'm dropping this comment in a few places because I can't make my own post about it and I can't message anyone directly about it seeing as I have - 13 CCP.

Why the hell do I have to currently have +10 CCP to post or message someone?

It should only take into account my total positive CCP. I was brigaded because I was arguing with some Troglodytes over stupid shit and now I can't even post in my own subverse I had created yesterday.

This +current ccp will create an echo chamber. It's already happened. I am a right leaning individual who believes a border wall should be built immediately in the US, that we should stop immigration from middle eastern countries, and that we should end affirmative action. But because I don't say fuck jews or that Mexican people are trash and call those people out, they can effectively censor me. It's a bad atmosphere and if I can be shut down by these people and I am right leaning, there is no way in hell VOAT will ever get beyond where it is now.

Please fix this bullshit current CCP lock. I'd have posted this with my real account v/pragmaticpolicy but I can't because I can also only submit 10 comments / day. lol. check that account out for details.

Also this line is to get past copy/paste wall


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Quit fuckin' whining. That CCP restrictions are there to make sure that you're not pulling stupid reddit shit. That you, you know, actually behave.

The only people who have ever had a problem with it are the fuckin' idiots we didn't want here because they were ultimately destructive to the community and the site. There are a few who feel the same as you and you know what the difference between you and them are? They actually know to keep their fuckin' mouths shut about it until they've made a reputation for themselves. That CCP is your reputation. Be an ass, your CCP shows it.

Don't like it? Leave. It's not changing. Admin has said many many times that it will never change.

Also, put your whiny comment in the right threads. On a more active post.


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at least let them post to introductions