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You faggots are trying everything to pry open that censorship door from the porn angle, huh.

Not gonna work.

How about you take some personal responsibility for what you view and post more of things you want to see?

You argument is that you support the censorship of X because you feel is not an endangered form of expression. That is not the point you filthy, oven dodger.

Voat has three rules: No spam, no illegal stuff, no dox.

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Who is "you faggots"?

And while I appreciate your vigilance, accusing someone opposing (((porn))) of being an oven dodger is rather ironic.

It's a suggestion, in any case, not a call to arms. I saw the remove loli subs post and wanted to see what people would think of this, fully expecting opposition. I expect most people will just downvoat the title without even reading the post.

I am surprised by the downvoats on the alternative, to separate NSFW from PORN. Why would anyone be so opposed to that? Just people angry at this one downvoting the other because I linked them / made them at the same time?

You argument is that you support the censorship of X because you feel is not an endangered form of expression.

No, my argument is that it is not censorship at all. Baseless obscenity is not speech. It's spam-tier noise. And it is out of place here.

Who comes cough to Voat to get their fap/shlick on? It's just absurd.

It's like having a public town hall meeting to discuss... town issues... and suddenly some guy gets naked and starts yelling obscenities and humping the furniture. You'd kick him out. And clean up the mess he made. Of course. Why wouldn't you? Is that violating his rights to speak his mind at the town hall meeting? He had his chance to speak his mind, and chose to be obscene instead.

Voat has three rules: No spam, no illegal stuff, no dox.

Yes. I know how Voat works. And this post is suggesting a change. Which is what this sub is for.

Besides, as I said, porn on Voat is effectively spam.

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You can choose not to see nsfw posts in your settings.

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But I cannot choose to see all other NSFW posts, but not porn posts.

I don't want violent / unpleasant / any real content to be censored. But I don't come to Voat for porn.

Which is what the alternative suggestion was about. But people don't seem to like that either.

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Forbidding the subs won't fly but I kind of understand the point you make in the "alternative suggestion".

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Is keeping porn out of schools puritanical censorship too? How about out of libraries? How about out of work?

Context matters. It doesn't belong here.

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How about no you normie cunt

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he thinks normies don't like porn

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You seem to have awfully strong feelings about this. Is this your go to place to jerk off then? When the urge to spank the monkey hits you, and you wonder to yourself "where oh where in the big, wide interwebs might I find me some porn," is it Voat that comes to your rescue?

If so, I think you might be the one on the wrong site. And rather ironic you should point me to Reddit, seeing as it is full of porn. Perhaps you should check it out.

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Maybe the term or solution to this. The ability to filter porn from showing up. There is setting to turn nsfw posts but it hides all nsfw.

So I guess we could ask put to make new tag one to mark regular nsfw post and one for porn.

But you shouldn't say we should forbid it.(unless it's illegal)