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@derram is a cyborg furry, half robot, half human, half animal.

I can do a maths.

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Why are PNG on 4chan any different from the PNGs form othe host?

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I've actually been thinking of adding twitter images since people post a lot of those. Don't really see too many links to 4chan's cdn, though.

The problem is, I'm hesitant to add more stress to catebox.moe. I haven't seen specific stats, but the estimate was my bot accounts for about a quarter of their upload traffic.

Also: https://www.patreon.com/catbox/overview

Also also, just ping me next time. I'm just a regular user running a bot -w-

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LOL! Derram is not a bot!

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Yeah, he is like Tay, absolutely real and human. :)

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You be nice talking about his GF like that! ;)

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Are there any good webm hosts? I saw only one but you cant embed the webm, you have to open the website to see it, annoying on mobile.

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That bot should be IP banned permanently for spamming.

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Oh the iron knee of that username.

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