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I've said it before, but in the user settings there should be a toggle for "censored " which shows subs as the mods intend, and uncensored that shows everything. Basically merging the blocked and removed lists with the regular content.

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Some things that are removed actually need to be removed from the database, including illegal content. To implement your suggestion, spammers could overrun Voat's database -- regardless of how many see it, the posts they flood into subverses would "remain" to be seen by some, thus posing an unnecessary burden on the servers.

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I'm aware. But do those links remain in the modlogs? What would the difference be from that as opposed to me going directly to the removed page.

Edit: The mod could flag it as illegal or spam, if they removed it for personal reasons is when it could be brought back through the uncensored option.

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Spam comments are useless to spammers if they are stripped of hyperlinks.

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So delete the illegal content and spam then, big deal. The guy you replied to is clearly talking about tone policing and censure of "incorrect" opinions by random mods, at a subverse level. Spam and illegal posts are site-wide issues to be handled by admins. These are obviously very separate issues so why try to stir shit up by conflating them?

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bro OP is a newish account calling for a window shift of more grey censorship instead of black censorship.

it's still censorship.

thanks for keeping rope makers in business @lifes-not-fair

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This is a really great idea.

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This is a good idea but maybe not compatible with the current voat system. Currently voat and reddit are hierarchically organized, every post belongs to one and only one subverse. By analogy to email, it's a "folder" system. What you describe is a subset of a "tag" system.

If you were to remake the site to support this you would have each user have the ability to create public or private "tags", and then tag any post they want with them. Public tags are then visible to anyone. You can have tag-based white lists, blacklists, choose to view only posts tagged in a certain way by a particular person, choose to hide posts that have been tagged in a certain way, etc. Each user would manage their own tags similar to how mods now manage their verse. Moderation would be handled by tags like "troll", "spam", and then people who wish to hide such content would add these tags to their blacklist. Presumably there would be multiple versions of the "troll" tag with different specifics, so you can pick one that fits your idea of what counts as trolling.

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This is so fucking stupid it's mind-boggling. A sub is supposed to be like your house because you have to create it. There should be no hidden version of a homeless person that you should be forced to allow to sleep in your own house.

Also, if you happen to be The Uninvited homeless person and you don't like the rules of the house you're living in, just move out and build your own house. Problem solved!

The fact that you're still trying to move into a house that doesn't want you is the real problem. it's more of a comment on your own idiocy than it is on the person you claim is censoring you.

If this was a default sub then we have a problem. But this is his own sub so who fucking cares at that point? The fact that we're even having this conversation is fucking childishness.

Censorship means that you are being prevented from speaking publicly. But tyranny means that you are forcing others to listen to you when they don't want to. This is not about censorship. This is about a childish tyrant's urge to invade another person's ears without permission.

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All the idea does is give power to the users over what they want to see. I can literally go to a mod log right now and see everything they've deleted, so absolutely nothing would have changed except now it's automatically done for me instead of manually seeking it out.

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'hide users' is that like 'shadowbanning'?

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No, the comment is just closed. You see it here all the time, you can click it to expand it.

I think this is a great idea

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Well pointed, but with an option to turn it off, it's better than banning for good. It takes a bit of power from moderators and give it to each user.

[–] lifes-not-fair [S] 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

No, because the reader controls what they read, not the mod.

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I like this idea, similar to what is already in place when you have someone blocked.

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You would also need to hide all child comments, as well.

[–] lifes-not-fair [S] 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

That could easily be accomplished by checking for a banned flag in the parent (previous, not original) comment.

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It would be a good feature to have.

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Other than doxing or illegal content this sounds like a good idea.

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You make a good point; a shame you've been downvoted for it.

[–] totes_magotes 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

NO. This is what "downvoats" are for. Below a certain threshold, they load in a collapsed state where you already have to view them.

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Fuck off.

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When you create a sub, you are essentially forming a discussion group in which you are the moderator for. It is your discussion group, and your responsibility to ensure people discuss according to your rules. Censorship is a possible outcome under this model, but we also have the ability, as users, to not participate in another's sub and go elsewhere. I personally cannot control the minds and opinions of those around me. Thus, I do not wish to control how one controls one's own sub.

In summary, if someone is an asshole and bans you, go somewhere else, or start your own sub. If subs are getting hijacked because of lack of use, don't hate the new mod because they took a sub nobody gives a shit about. I think voat is run by pretty laid back dudes, and forcing them to play politics in user affairs is a waste of their time. If liberals are censoring conservatives in a popular sub, feel free to organize, identify the sub, and do not participate in it. What's more, feel free to identify those that frequent the libtard subs and not converse with them either, or block them in your own subs. Communication is a two way street, and voat is a free speech platform, regardless of what they believe.

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