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We're better off just donating directly than paying for the electricity and getting less value in coin. It's just a matter of efficiency of economic value. $5 of electricity cost yields pretty much nothing with CPU-based mining. $5 directly donated is is $5 (minus whatever payment processing fee of course). Hard to beat that efficiency outside of handing Putt $5.

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Yeah, one user won't make much of a difference, but if there's a lot of them it could at least be something. And easier for people who don't want to deal with buying crypto or having their card/bank/whatever give them the KGB treatment for donating to a a "right-wing hate site" (as some try to get us labelled).

Doesn't have to be the sole source of funding, but could be an option. Even just as an experiment to see how it goes. If TBP can pull in $12k per day, surely Voat has enough users to pull in $100 or so just from people wanting to help out.