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We have a public banlog that shows all site-wide bans, and we have individual subverse banlogs. The infrastructure to implement this suggestion may be in place. That said, I neither know how long it would take to implement nor whether this kind of feature is desirable.

Why do people need to know all the bans taking place in all subverses? I get the impression this is in the wake of all the posts about being banned from /v/TruthHurts. A change like this would only make it easier for waves of people to go into smaller, perhaps more ban-happy subverses, flood them with unrelated content, and consequently get banned so they could post about it on /v/all.

Voat has the infrastructure in place to prevent the admin-sanctioned kinds of bans we see on reddit. Work is also being done to limit the potential for power-mods to ruin @system subverses and generically named subverses. I don't see why we as a community need to be concerned with what small subverses do and who they ban. I think small subverses (the kinds of subverses that would have been exempt from referenda in the previous interpretation of the upcoming votes feature) should be able to control their content and those capable of posting to their communities as much as they want. I say this in the interest of more balanced speech. Hiveminds control most websites like this; we don't need to make it easier for the hiveminds to run anyone outside of their hivemind off of the website. If faggots like the users in /v/TruthHurts want to post content that is either non-factual or simply runs contrary to most viewpoints here, and if they feel the need to ban users who insult them or disagree with them, so be it. It's not admin-sanctioned banning and its not banning in a generic subverse like /v/politics or /v/news.

It just strikes me as unnecessary, and would likely only encourage trolling and spamming of a community doing their own thing (even if their thing is retarded).

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A change like this would only make it easier for waves of people to go into smaller, perhaps more ban-happy subverses, flood them with unrelated content, and consequently get banned so they could post about it on /v/all.

I think Voat really needs to have a conversation about what subverses even mean and what rights their creators have, because at this point I'm starting to feel like this website is run by Antifa. I'm sure that sounds ridiculous, but as it stands there is mob rule. Creators of subverses have no right to create a theme for their subverse and set up rules, because if they ever try to enforce those rules people like @ExpertShitposter and his crew at v/Soapboxbanhammer will brigade them until they rightfully get banned, then create drama about it on the rest of Voat.

edit; hah, I like how two people actually mentioned ExpertShitposter in response. I didn't actually see MinorLeakages comment or I might have mentioned a different SBBH user; there are plenty who like to stir shit.

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I agreed with you until your edit. Your edit stirs up shit with certain users you don't like so I can't take you seriously.

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People are going to concern troll either way. I can't see any downside to publicly documenting bans. It's not about forcing small non-system subs to comply with anything, it's simply about transparency. It helps an undecided individual to see who may or not be telling the truth. If the mod says "I only ever banned people who broke such-and-such rule" but the ban logs clearly show otherwise, a discerning user may choose to use an alternate subverse.

On that same note, many of us recognize certain user's names, since so few of us actually have accounts older than 2 years. If I see someone like @ExpertShitposter got banned, I'm not particularly worried, since I'm aware he goes out of his way to get banned and rile people up. If I see you've banned someone like @go1dfish, then I probably don't want to play in your sandbox, since I've only ever seen him add to a conversation and want to discuss the issue at hand.

The more information we have, the better our choices. Too often, it becomes nearly impossible to figure out who is trolling. Transparency can never be a bad thing. Unless maybe it's a shirt on a fat person. I'm not into that.

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The inability to enforce boundaries is eventually gamed to destroy subverses, as I've posted time and time again with that one article on "entryism as exploited containment failure."

I just make it a policy to avoid subverses that ban shitheads like EPS--and thats a baseline responsibility all users have. At the same time a total removal of the ability to ban would lead just like to SBBH shitting-up the place and, like you said, turning everything into v/whatever--in which case, whats the point in having subverses at all? And I think that might be the intention of the people brigading to start with--eliminate subverses, and make forum-sliding 'undesirable' or 'inconvenient truths/posts' more economical.

We must not allow infiltration or traitors to use our principles against us or make the argument that "if you defend yourself against us censoring you by gaming the signal-to-noise ratio, then you're just as bad as us guis!"

Instead of votes, I'd love to see a subverse-configurable post-limiter so I can for example say 'no more than x amount of threads from users, or from these particular users per day." And that way, if I'm running a subverse, I have more tools at my disposal than just the binary "no ban or ban" and can allow people who are shitheads to continue posting without allowing them to drown everyone else out. So you get your 10 day standoffs without the subverse turning into v/whatever or giving in to their attempt to generate drama through provoking a ban.

It will mean everyone gets heard, voat will be that much more resilient to bans, and we'll have a lot less rationalizations or excuses for bans.

Lastly it would be interesting to see vote count on a per-subverse basis, so point farming becomes pointless and we have less reddit-niggers coming over to game the system.

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I think Voat needs to have a conversation about what subverses even mean, because from what I've been seeing lately no one has the right to actually create a subverse with a theme and run it the way they see fit. It's oddly similar to how Antifa operate, and it's frankly disgusting that it's being adopted here.

I get the argument when it's a generic subverse, but if someone wants to curate a topical subverse and they don't want people shitposting they should have every right to ban people doing so. If it's off topic it doesn't necessarily belong, and if people don't have the right to run their subverse the way they see fit, why would anyone bother? Spend time creating a subverse and collecting content only to have some edgelords come in, spam, get banned, then create drama on the rest of Voat and have you removed as a moderator from a subverse you created? No thanks.

We have enough issues attracting people who genuinely provide new content, meanwhile all the ones super vocal about creating witch hunts for moderators that are simply enforcing their subverses rules don't contribute shit all to the website? Interesting.

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It would also be nice if we had a log for additions and removals of moderators in any given subverse.

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I made this suggestion (sadly in a wrong, nonofficial suggestion sub) https://voat.co/v/SuggestionsForVoat/2241495

But yes, similar single public log for moderator changes would be good too.

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Could make it filterable so it can cut out the shitpost sub sitewide bans

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I would like to see this also.

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I like this idea a lot.

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Maybe the voat stats bot could do it?

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Any sub that deletes comments that aren't spam and/or illegal content should be removed from v/all.

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