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You are incorrectly identifying the issues.

It is not the mods job to sift through articles and decide for you what is important. That is your job.

If you fuckers actually read the articles and upvoated/downvoated appropriately, that would provide organization to the sub.

It's pretty obvious that most voting users only read titles and in this day of sensationalized click bait, they do everyone a great disservice.


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All I'm looking for is someone to use a tag like, Editorialized Title or any of the listed tags. I can't make anyone read before shit starts flying from their mouths.



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Sounds like good mods


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Well, it's filled with editorialized titles, opinion columns posted as news, shit blogs and dotted, every now and then, with memes.

The point is, it's not all news there. Some of the posts are better suited for /v/politics rather than /v/news. No one around here is willing to properly moderate a subverse because of a few shill mods that are, rightfully, called out. The rest of the noise comes shitposters cuntfussing that they can't shitpost somewhere.

Some sort of standard has to be set. I'm not looking for some high editorial standard; just, at least, hoping for someone willing to use the damned post tags.

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