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The problem with this is a technical one. On the surface it seems fine, and is fine and can be done. The problem is with performance. The more exclusions we have per user the less cache worthy the output, thus the higher burden on the database, add high traffic and we have a problem.

The only way around this is to completely redo the entire query engine. We will do this eventually but it's not done yet.


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Dissapointed Disappointed

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Mission accomplished!

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If you never want to accidentally see a domain, just put it in your hosts file resolving to your loopback address.

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A fair point though could impact researching when I do it. I do also have a domain blocker add-on but it still sends my traffic just before it actually does the blocking so it's not ideal.

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That sounds like a horrible add-on that does not deserve to be installed on your machine.

You're right about the research part, though. You have to want to REALLY never see domains if you employ the loopback address in your hosts file trick. I did that for gawker and conde nast sites. It took a little getting used to because sometimes links to interesting looking things were 'broken'.

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This has been suggested before and the answer from someone is that it isn't possible without a ton of work or might not even be possible with the current framework and would increase running costs to the point where Voat would die quickly.

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How would that increase running costs? File size of a database (I don't know how Voat stores it's user information but I assume some kind of SQL)?

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I have no idea, that's just what was explained to me back then by someone who should know what they were talking about. I had a look and can't find the convo now. @PuttItOut is full user blocking possible or something you would consider? It would solve a lot of whining about content but you would still need janitors to remove illegal/spam content.