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Yeah but then you have subject matter of threads being changed. For example, post "I like cookies" and everyone in the comments agrees... Then you change "like" to "hate" and now it looks like everyone hates cookies. It wouldn't work.

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I wonder if there could be a time limit coded in where you could change the title like 3 mins for example?

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1 minute is more then enough, I usually spot my typos right as I hit Submit.

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One could always add the ability to see the original to get around that issue. It is more work though.

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sometimes you just gotta hit delete and try again but the issue was already explained by @SeanBox

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With no option to edit, I just let my tardation fly as is in most cases.

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Welcome to my world.

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Professional posters actually use this to generate more commentary on sites where comments are taken into account when determining front-page-worthiness.

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Happen all the thyme. Maykes mi loose Mai myand ;)