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Why not just have tags? Then allow users to ceate sets based on that? Then, if users wanted to avoid all subs tagged as general faggotry, tech or politics, they could do so. Also, this just introduces a new tool/method and subs aren't classified by anyone but the mods themselves. (which was really my biggest gripe, though not really explained). Mods can tag what they think their sub matches and can using none (if they choose) or however many if several tags / keywords match.

This method would put the power back into the users' hands and requires little maintenance. The only question would be if there would be a pre-defined set of tags with ability to create new by some superdupermods who don't drunkenly argue and post a lot of bullshit all of the time.

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I like the idea and approach. How many people even know what a tag or a set is?

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I'm not drunk off my ass right now, if that helps.

Hell, I don't even use sets. Maybe I should. Just the term sounds weird. I think a lot of people are used to tags or keywords.

The way I'd do it first is in initial stage, message all mods (including niggerfaggot drunkass ones) for potential keywords, (general and specific) that they might use. I think that it would also be important for some to NOT use keywords, and thats totally ok.

Then, create a tentative list of tags. You don't want all users creating because, holy fuck, duplicates.. especially if it ends up case-sensitive.. Test, test, testing, tests, TEST, newTest, teststtttt, testes..

Send another mod message and get ones onboard to start tagging their subs. These keywords should appear in the sidebar like hashtag bullshit but the key is that sub readers will see it and get the idea. They learn that way.

Improve on it and all that shit. Hash out who gets to add new keywords.

After that, start phase 2 and work on incorporating tags into sets or multi-verse creation that an individual user could do for themselves.

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Why the fuck do you want it to be enjoyable?

Are you trying to breed SJW or are you just going to ass-rape them by surprise?

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Why are you getting so triggered? I like OP's idea, i like politics but i wouldnt mind having a button to switch to fun stuff. I browse /b/ just for the YLYL threads and the amount of faggotry is giving me cancer. Also, very NSFW...

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Fuck off with your NSFW. I'm fine with change, but not in a way to where someone dictates that particular subs should fall into a category, so go fuck yourself.

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I'm starting to think he doesn't want this place to grow because implementing this idea will have zero impact on him

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I want this place to grow

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That's great. However, the big thing IS politics. Yeah, I'd love to talk to some REAL preppers instead of faggot-ass retards who are scairt cuz their jars got a little wet. (Faggots)

However, newcomers can already choose their interests per sub.

Go join fucking incels if thats what you need and unsubscribe from anything else, faggot ass non-ass fucker fuckee.