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The one thing I don't like about Hooktube is that videos can't be set to 144p, I think the 'low' setting is 640p. Sometimes I like to just listen to things and conserve data/bandwidth.

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If you click download you can open a link to audio only through hook tube.

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You can set it to Normal Embed the YouTube player in the video size popup, then set to 144p like normally.

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144p? for ppl using flip-phones from the nineties?

If you like to just listen to things, then maybe an audio-only link could be an option.

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That would be nice, because then we could set an option to never open imgur or youtube, and not have to dig through comments for a mirror link.

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HookTube vs. YouTube would be an easy one to do. That's just a simple substitution in the URL, and the bits still come from the same place.

Automatically creating non-imgur links is a whole different beast. You would have to have the site interface directly with imgoat/imgtc/whatever and provide the original URL, wait for the rehosting site to download the original image, then come back with a new link. That's a lot more work and a lot more overhead.

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I agree Hooktube could be added without much effort.


Voat could partner with derram's rehosting bot and just add a link to his mirrors. But I have no idea how to do this technically.