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The amount of lines skipped using your mouse wheel is easily adjustable. Just make it skip less.

But the default size of the reply box needs to be much larger IMO

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I know it's adjustable but I'm not going to change my hardware settings for one website. :/

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Well I have an even worse solution for you then. Buy a mouse where you can set it to freely spin, then change it to skip one line in your settings. Now you can spin away when you need to skip more.

Can greasemonkey change windows settings? If not you could just get greasemonkey to change the default box size.

Writing a script to open voat and change your scroll settings would be very easy but less than ideal.

Autohotkey a command to widen the reply box at the push of a button.

These are all pretty terrible ideas, but they are options lol.

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Just get used to dragging it to a usable size like the rest of us, assuming your browser supports it. It's a reasonable compromise, and allows it to be unobtrusively small until you need it.