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I agree with you on this. A guess the ball is on the head honcho's side.


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Without a concise X needed to Y operating costs it will dissuade many of our type from Voating. Voat has been accused of.

I don't mean to sound negative as I used to donate a sizeable chunk during being in hospital, but as my brother told me to, but that we some accountability.

Voat could easily be a :

  • Honeypot for dangerous ideas
  • Exit scam when coins high enough
  • Holding center for those whould damage the normies
  • Etc.

He showed me this place after I was going through an accident and bitch custody battle. I love it, and hope he reads this, maybe, at some point.

I've never truly thanked him for, but he's fucked off to another one of his "where in the world is Carmen Sandiego" - i just you just replace food ingredients with novel food ingredients. He scares the fuck out of me talking about some things. Which last months to near us drawing up the funeral plans when he fails to make contact.

He told me a few times about some Pdcias compliance or some mouthful like it, that should have been up for credit card donations for an e-store. He was pretty adamant about this and said for U.S store that it HAD to be implemented to avoid legal troubles later, but from interior and exterior forces.

Also that the donation wallet seemed ifffy, just so far as G couldn't get his grubby little hands on the comings and goings for Tx analysis to see how much was being spent/kept due to the resources involved.

Not an essential, but understandable if Voat wishes to attract private investors.

Without a bit more clarity on these matters, I don't think Voat will survive without greater transparency, we are an information driven community and when information seems lacking, voter confidence plummets, in turn donations.

Personally, I think a Steam style model, with a legit store, doners can add flairs, longer usernames, that kind of stuff. Would do well, without relying on outside dollarydoobucks.

@PuttItOut - he said you were the main honcho for sorting this kind of stuff out.


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Again, I agree. The other question would be: "Is Voat ready for such a transparency to ensure it's long term survival?"


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You'll have to clarify what you mean by that one?

Voat has always been a supporter of transparency, to hide more than the very underlying machinations of the financial and administrative works would be alienating regular users in my opinion.

Or are you talking about wallet transacation back analysis or other insidious things to get to the admin?

Even still, we can move to other cryptocoins (monereo, zcash) at a guess in order to provide increased infosec on both sides of the transaction.

I believe that if Voat decides 99% transparency it may invoke a few pitchforks. but in the interest of saving the platform, both now and for future generations, it is a necessary route to go.


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I live in the middle of nowhere, I don't have a bank, refuse to fully integrate into society, never had a Facebook, my laptop is almost 10 years old, my powerstroke is 22 years old, my cell phone is 5 years old and I think frugal is sexy... let me know where the PO box is to send my $50 and a case of moonshine because I like this place but cryptocurrency is out after I made my buck on bitcoin and now it's Jewish shekles owned by JP Morgan.

Concern yourselves about a real place for real people to donate or this virtual reality faces unnecessary suffering.


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Is it possible to automate cryptocurrency payments so they auto buy ads or do all the transactions have to be manual?


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Yeah, it will be good to keep the website running. Most similar ones are dead now.


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Fuck the ais money.


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Maybe we could say "Voat is actually an FBI front, and you should donate to voat to help stop heterosexual white male terrorism?"