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A all white flag that says "Just a GOAT" Then in the bottom right hand corner a small picture of the Voat goat head.

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Thanks bud, you just made my day.

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gotta show some love for darkmode thou.

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Agree, we could put a little white outlined light bulb in the upper left hand corner.

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Why we gotta label ourself? I like the goat head, wouldnt mind if it was black.

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It should be the goatse pic.

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How about the reddit pants shitting graphic?

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i have made 3 designs. but i dont know fuck about photoshop or paint, so i just sketched them..

imagine a divinci style draing of a mean looking goat looking forward. its horns meeting at the top of the Celtic cross, the goats chinny chin chin at the bottom of the circle, forming 4 spaces. to put the letters V-O-A-T to the left, 9000, representing we are level 9000. the last one is "voatlandia" same goat over the celtic cross.

i was thinking the flags color could be the blueish color of the A in voats logo....celtic cross obviously black and white, and the goat face drawn 1700s style like davinci or european flags.


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it hurts my neck to look at them but i like 'em in a strange way... i see the potential

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a flag of woven rope, no graphic or design, just raw rope woven into a rectangle.

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I dont have any ideas at the moment, but if one is made Iā€™d buy one and hang it on my Silveraduh.

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