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How many posts were you able to delete before this happened, and what message did you receive?

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For me it was about 10. But I was also banning the accounts so double the requests. I had tabs open too so while one page was loading I had another one up. Message was from cloudflare and I think it was a 512 error. Said something like "you are being rated limited and are temporarily banned from voat.co". It gave my IP so I figured it was just an IP ban. I changed my IP and was back to delete spam but I went much slower. Loading one page at a time.

I went back to my old IP and tried to load /v/all and it worked. I clicked on a post and it said I was banned again lmao. That was last night. Today, I delete the spam slower and had zero issues. I messaged putt about it yesterday in case he was banning everyone who got the message. The fact that I'm typing now means that isn't the case.

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Glad you didn't get caught in that banning wave, the spam was seriously bad. If an IP change was how you were able to keep going, maybe allowing/permitting some IP's to get thru might be some kind of option next time we get hit with a wave like that.

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About 5 and then I couldn't even load voat at all. I got the "you are being rate limited" message from Cloudfare.