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Then what's stopping SGIS and others like him from writing scripts to clog the reports?

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This. It would be too easy to manipulate.

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Then the appropriate thing to do is to calculate the level of trust for spam reporters. Maybe have more trusted people (mods/owners) review the spam logs and confirm or deny the submitted reports. If there is a bot submitting spam reports, we should be able to ignore its reports if enough trusted reviewers mark its reports as inaccurate.

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I agree with this. Spammers can post faster than we can report, and if you downvoat everything, your account will get flagged for vote manipulation.

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UH, yeah, no fucking way. That's how whiny bitches get to go around reporting anything and everything as spam, leaving the powers that be to sift through things reported for actually being shit or just being a difference of opinion, or to develope a system where shit gets to fester until enough people report it. Which would encourage the bitch cakes to make and use alts to get opinions/articles/etc they don't like reported faster.

Fuck that noise.

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Why? So that way they can start spamming the report button as well and nothing gets removed?

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  • clap clap clap *

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Are we on the same page ... you're talking when ya report spam in a sub, right ... where when you move on to report another spam link it comes up with the whole 'You're doing that too fast' crap. If so ... yeah, I hate that, too. We shouldn't have to wait for that.

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Or maybe just maybe, stop spamming your reports so much ;)

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Literally came here to make the same post. You got here first.

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