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I've thought about this and I don't think it is right to manipulate user content in any way, although this particular subject is in a gray area. I'd rather have the community submit hooktube instead.

We do have the hooktube expando working in the port code though, so that's nice.

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The more I actually think about this you're completely right atm. I doubt it will stay that way. There's a lot of common sense pundits that rely on youtube monetization. They're hanging on but youtube has started regularly demonetizing their videos for absurd reasons.

The current situation is beyond absurd. If you told me 15 years ago that I'd be semi-regularly watching videos of a 'shirtless/leather jacket' wearing, 120lb satanist guy, that goes by styxenhammer, share his political thoughts from a house with "collectible fantasy swords" strewn about I'd have died laughing. Yet here we are in the glorious future and my choices for visual news media consist of

  1. race baiting hucksters that scream at each other in a 4 panel format like a bizarre, third world version of the opening Brady Bunch credits. You never actually get to see how the show ends though b/c you're suppose to believe they have more technical difficulties than a narcissistic transgender feminist (still a dude) who live streams updates on their hormone treatments every day.

  2. Tucker Carlson is pretty funny but it's just comedy. He does the "common sense conservative" bit on a show whose entire format is him making dumbfounded faces as he listens to and disagrees with the dumbest mother fuckers I've ever seen on TV. Most democrats will try to form an emotional connection while they ass fuck you. "People are dying, think of the children, breaking up families, look at the great job we're doing in portland." He always manages to find the 5'2" Asian lady that says they should kill white babies or the Newsweek editor that starts rambling about the CIA and waving a binder with Tucker's name on it. He only had 1 prop and and it way was funnier than the time I smoked some weed and went to see carrot top when I was 15.

The only time you ever see someone have a reasonable discussion or explore both sides of an issue these days is when they talk to themselves. Styx is the equivalent of a guy in the 90s w/ a 3 am local cable access show. MSM is like watching Billie Mays try to explain he's not responsible for the oxy-cleansing of millions of black folks.

the msm has always lied from time to time but when CNN got rid of crossfire was when it officially died. Liberals and Republicans actually debated on it. Then they tried to bring it back years later but it was just their typical format where 3 liberals yell at someone they don't like b/c of reasons that don't affect them.

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Well, Putt, I think it's a very good idea. The less clicks for youtube, the better. Just my 2 cents.

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I hate the fact that Google has become a verb. Just Google it. No! Fight it Voatfolk.

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I would suggest someone who knows how to do so make a small userscript to redirect all youtube links, Voat or not.

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And previews for hooktube videos.

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It should be hooknosetube.