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It's in the v/Reportspammers hopper.

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Thanks. I didn't know about that sub or else I forgot about it. Should I delete this post I guess?

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You don't have to delete this one per se ... but sub requests are approved or disapproved by a bot that Puttitout runs in v/subverserequest only. See sidebar there for request rules ... though I think you easily qualify. Good luck in getting it. Go to that sub, see how the requests are formatted, and put one in. If someone hasn't requested it before you did, you'll likely get it when Putt gets around to running the bot.

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censoring anything would bring Voat down to the "alt left " level. Just downvote into oblivion.

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I don't really agree that blatant commercial spam cleanup is censorship, and they've done it for similar things in the past. But I'm not the boss and I'll leave it up to the admins to interpret however they want.

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that's true,I despise those "make money from home" posts

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voat has banned dailymotion, blogspot, ibankcoin dot com banned, Squawker .org BANNED concerneduspatriots.com ban...(((Voat))) a reddit clone is dead? The list of banned domains on voat is so long it takes three posts to include them all?,

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I agree that there have been postings like a Squawker story on the European migrant crisis that I personally called out as "slightly misleading" due to their attempt at minimizing the severity of the human trafficking angle. One ad I see occasionally is the "together we can do it" feminist ad which I find misleading and somewhat irritating,but hey,freedom of expression right?

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Wtf? That whore is still around? I used to post on a board she posted on. Coincidentally I ended up staying a couple weeks at a fellow poster's house, who knew her irl.

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So lucky she's my fav lady