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This is possibly the simplest complex situation. It isn't a hyperlink because all errors are funneled through the same output. If we formatted this, we would have to format them all. And this means that even error messages going to the API would need to be formatted as html, which would be wrong.

I'll look into this though because it's just annoying.

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all errors are funneled through the same output


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Yes, please!

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Until this is done: Double click on the http and keep the button down on the second click. Drag to the right (the double click allows you to highlight a word at a time) to highlight the whole link. Right click on selected text -> Open in new tab.

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<a href="www.Learnhtml .com">LearnHtml</a>

BTW we asked for this years ago and they still haven't changed it.

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You sound like a jerk... hope you're not someone's boss

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The SQL statement they used to check if there is a duplicate could easily be modified to do this.

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Why? That's data, not ui. It's literally as simple as going in and modifying the view to include an anchor tag to wrap the url.

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Oddly enough we once did.