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So make it $7000. There has to be a pad included for growth.

Or have a few different gradations on the ticker. Like a "we're not shutting down" mark, a "we met our target" mark and "room for growth," mark. Or something like that.


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Excellent idea. Green gradations, yellow gradations and orange gradations (Hail the God Emperor).


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Fair enough, but why couldn't Putt add a wage to the monthly target? I think it is fair that he is compensated for his work here... and if he gets carried away, well he won't reach his target. Think about it as Capitalism in it's rawest form.


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I prefer my capitalism medium rare.


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Agreed - right now this is a very principled service with real-world consequences. Putt absolutely should be compensated for his contribution. Who's to say he isn't already courting a personal financial crisis? You honestly believe we'd all be told that he had to make yet another sacrifice to keep us afloat? I'm all for the ticker, the monthly donations, whatever it takes to keep this ship, and Putt, sailing as we all should be.