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How about, make night mode the DEFAULT.. And also add a light-bulb when logged out, because it is a pretty important option..

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If you're not using night mode you're considered a faggot.

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I always wanted this, add a light-bulb for when you aren't logged in or can't log in from another computer or the workplace. I forgot which website had a white background that wasn't plain white and was amazing to read, almost had a pearl or snow whitish background which looked amazing.

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Depending on the browser that you use you can get an extension to turn all of the web into night mode.

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Just curious: Am I the only person who's eyes hurt looking at night mode?

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You want the CSS to force night mode on your subs? It's not what you want, but it's a small victory.

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say you pull up the site on fresh unlogged in account. it's the hideous white background, all i want to is the ability to change it even when i'm not logged in.

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I'm sorry. My fault. I should have said: Do you want the CSS code to enforce night mode on your subs?

Cause, if so:

/* enforce night mode */ @import url(https://voat.co/Content/Dark);;)

Just copy/paste that at the top of your CSS. Keep in mind, though, if you've changed any other colour settings, they're going to stay that way unless you add night/day mode specific colours. Which is pretty easy, if you need help.

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this one is for you @Dumb_Comment_Bot

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The revolution has begun!

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i've always been a nightmode person.. fuck those daymode people!