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We are working towards this, it's on the list at least.


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Hi Putt,

Have you considered allowing some polls to have constraints on who can participate?

I think some polls would benefit by only allowing users to vote once and only allowing "legitimate" users (perhaps accounts older than one month with certain SCP and CCP levels).

This would greatly hinder spammers and brigaders from artificially invalidating the results.

Other polls may be just for fun and wouldn't require such strict constrains.

Voat polling could also play a huge role in the Subverse Request process.

That would be awesome!


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Yes. We have a system designed that is, in theory, brigade resistant.

But this is what is taking so long, it's a lot of work to design it and make it fit in with what we currently have.


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9 out of 10 goats agree.

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Not with percentages and graphs!!


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it would be nice to graph how much of a cuck someone is


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if we could set it up so that each IP address can only vote once, that would be even better.


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This idea is awesome because unlike external polling services, we could apply constraints to ensure users can only vote once or only allow "legitimate" accounts of a certain age and CCP and SCP levels to participate. Not all polls would need such constrains, but the important polls definitely would benefit from excluding brigading from alt accounts.

Polling could also be a nice way for mods to seek feedback from their community or just for users to make discussions more interesting.

Voat polling could play a major role in allowing the Voat community to participate in important decisions about the future of Voat.

PuttItOut has already sought community feedback on controversial topics and reliable voting could also become an important part of the Subverse Request process too.

Polling has already been suggested here.