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There is this type of user option already in subs.


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I can see what you're trying to achieve but I'm not entirely sure that you're going about it the right way. A type of sub where only the pre-approved can post and comment is going to be an absolute godsend to karma farmers, botters and some spammers, in fact we might as well just go ahead and refer to this type of sub as a karmagricultural sub.

If we carry on shitting up /r/all we're going to need /r/all_except_karmagricultural_and _sitewide_ban_opt-outs or something to that effect, or maybe a way that users can opt back in to not seeing posts from site-banned domains (or auto-block subs where "exclude sitewide bans" is activated) and opt in to not seeing karmagriculture circlejerks on a per-user level. Not that I expect any of that will happen, just inserting my 2 cents worth of opinion.


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It's a good opinion to insert. My goal is to make it easier to moderate. Im not sure how it would be a karma farm though? I guess we can keep the voating up site wide, that way no one can just upvoated each other. Or am I missing something else?

I don't think it's the best way but it's something to build on: easier moderation for low intensity subs to prevent high intensity trollnamis flooding them.