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No. That would really be annoying. Also, why rewrite history like that. They voted you up or down while they were still a valid account so the votes should stick because they are part of history. Everything they did on the site including comments, submissions and votes should remain intact and only the username be the thing that disappears when deleted. I'm not a fan of revisionist history.


[–] srgmpdns [S] 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

I see your point, but 'd still like to see the effect it would have on the behavior some of the more short-term shill/shitposter accounts.

A number of times I've had 'discussions' with such users, and after countering them with facts and logic, finding random old posts downvoated and the argumentative putz who did it has deleted their account. And their possibly drunken, regrettable comments... but not their downvoats.

I think it would discourage the sort of fly-by assholery that keeps me (and probably many others) from bothering with responses to new, and possibly downvoat-happy users.


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And I see your point too. I still believe we should let the record stand because it happened, but it is annoying when we take hits for engaging shitposters. There's no good answer it seems.