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It's funny that you just suggested that. I was just thinking the same thing. I had a look to the right of my username and did a double take "6|4"

Messages submitted should be CCP's

You have my full support. And as a member of this community for a few hours, I know that has a lot of weight.

EDIT; Or, you could change the name "link contribution points" to "submission contribution points"


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I'll make it so. Sounds perfect.


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Why, thank you very much.


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That does sound logical. I would like to hear some more thoughts :)


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It really does make sense - I mean, by submitting a message, you are essentially submitting a standalone comment on whatever topic you are commenting on, and the comments themselves are comments on your comment!

The link is obviously a bit different. This idea is actually quite interesting.


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I'll give a counterpoint. This is kinda neutral, because I couldn't care less about my imaginary internet points. Points for submissions are good, points for comments are very good, points for users are not important, IMO. Ok, my counterpoint: a message submission is like a super comment. You're not submitting your opinion to people reading that particular post, you're submitting it to the scrutiny of the entire subverse, or even to the frontage. I'll not try to evaluate if submission points are more our less valuable than comment points, because I would prefer if users didn't have points. But if a guy likes his points, he can feel a lack of incentive submitting messages. He can keep just commenting, instead of investing in a lot of thought and text editing. All I said is just to offer you a counterpoint, because one could say comment points are more valuable to people who likes to submit messages, and he would probably be right.

Edit: as AJ said submission is more appropriated to the current situation.

And since comment points are used to grant privileges, OP has a good point.

Points, points, points.


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I still advocate for the removal of points. It's not really useful as a system of notating which comments were "useful" or really the merit of a particular post. To me they are an obnoxious feature. Trying to accomplish their purpose through another means may be more worthwhile.