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So we should prevent censorship by censoring anyone that disagrees?

I get what you mean, but that is not how it works. You lose all moral high ground the moment you use their weapons.

Do you know what you get when you fight fire with fire? An uncontrollable inferno.
Fight fire with water.

It has been working fine so far.

it always succeeds to spread in practice. We have seen it before and we can see the beginning of it again here.

I strongly disagree.
It is not beginning here. It is dying. In the year I have been here I have watched authoritarians go from controlling most of the sub's, down to almost none.

What we are doing is working. We are winning.
It would be a bad time to switch to their tactics when ours are working well.


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Yea, I see the contradiction. That's why I wrote an entire post explaining and defending it.

Do you really see things getting better? Why is @HenryCorp still a mod? Why do we still have to deal with him? Why do we still have to hear about him? You're absolutely full of shit and you know it. When you fight fire with fire, you get more fire. But two negatives also make a positive. Look at that! If metaphors were arguments, we just had a draw. But really, this is not a "fight fire with fire" scenario. It is a "kill or be killed" scenario. I'm simply advocating a utilitarian approach to addressing the issue of inevitable attempts on our free speech here.

I know my idea isn't perfect, but your objections are half-baked bullshit.


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Yes things have definitely gotten better.
There are no power mods left in any of the system sub's.

Henry is still around because we practice free speech instead of just claiming it. But he holds no power, no large sub's, and what he does have has been delisted and is dying a slow death.

Things have only been getting better.

To introduce new bans for political motives as you suggest is a big step backwards.

And the second half of your comment is I hope a joke. If the only rebuttal you have is to swear and insult, then you don't have much of a point, do you?

You say my objections are bullshit, but you have no counter. The fact that you are getting butt-hurt over someone politely disagreeing shows that you know I am right and it's eating you up.

Go ahead call me more names, that will prove your point.


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You really can not silence people . It also works against you when you try.

I try to avoid banning people in the few subs i moderate. I have yet to. Stupid comments i leave alone, and let the community deal with. I find that not only is this more fun to watch:

**It is far more brutal than anything i could think of. **

If anything, we should have more means of letting voices get seen. Like a controversial button. As it is, you can not really silence a voice here by banning it. Things show up in moderation logs.


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I am mostly talking about ban-happy mods. You aren't some noble moderator for not deleting stupid/non-contributory comments and refraining from banning users you don't like. That should be the norm. It is "stupidity" and "non-contribution" that are usually cited by moderators as excuses for removing dissenting opinion. So, those excuses should not be acceptable to begin with. What I'm saying is that these ban-happy mods shouldn't simply lose their position. Their accounts should be terminated.

I guess I didn't make that clear. We don't really have an issue with users calling for censorship, so that portion of my point should probably have just been omitted. What we do have, from time to time, are problems with mods. Instead of letting these issues boil over, and having to chase them out of town like we did with @she, mods like @she should just be rooted out the second they are identified. If they were not trying to censor opinion but are getting called out for it anyway, then they are probably too incompetent to moderate, so the collateral damage would be minuscule.

What I think would be great for voat is this - an expedited method for removing mods who are obviously in opposition to the purpose of voat.co as a whole. We need to be realistic and understand that the SJW cabal who took over reddit are trying and will continue to try to infiltrate voat. Instead of a convoluted process of public appeal, calling @Atko, alerting /v/ProtectVoat, and crying about it all over /v/all and the front page, and eventually harassing the mods until they leave of their own accord (or do they?), we should deleted their accounts and block their IP.

There are two types of people who want censorship. Most are just plain idiots. We don't need to block them. But then there are the malicious and crafty ones. They don't care about right or wrong, they just care about control, like a bunch of mini-Hitlers. We shouldn't have to cry and hope they are managed appropriately. And as more redditfugee censorship-sympathizers flood in, I think we'll find our usual pitchfork mob tactics to be much less effective, with many more users supporting authoritarian mods (these supporters being of the first type, idiots).


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There are some things that are not adding up here.

Where exactly is this problem that you are talking about?

Are you encountering these problems with other accounts?

Basically what you are talking about, is a more extreme version of shadow bans. There is a lot of problems with this idea.

Public ip addresses are one. If the user is using a university or a library address, that will raise a lot of problems. If we ban that address, that kills everyone there, not just the bad user.

The thing about all of this, is that the best course of action is to resolve these problems as they arise. With large public groups like this, being proactive tends to hurt more innocent people then it does prevent bad people from acting up.

Ultimately it will be up to the communities to complain about bad mods, to report them, and to get proper action to take care of it.

But as it stands, there does not seem to be that many bad mods running around here. If you can name a few examples, i might change my mind.