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Not sure why

Let's fix that!

No legal subject in this universe should be out of bounds. Our aim is to build a site that serves the needs and wants of our users; one that strives for quality over quantity, and doesn't pander to the lowest common denominator in return for traffic.

Users can submit any type of legal content, questions, videos and commentary.

From the about page.

Welcome to Voat. Have your say!

I've seen shit about you floating around. I'm starting to see why.


[–] 5391139? 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

If you think that this is a shitty idea by him, just check out the modlogs on his subverses. He bans anyone who disagrees with him, and even banned everyone who criticized his subverserequest for /v/SouthPark (when he had been doing nothing but treating it like his Voat version of /r/notsouthpark for a month).


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Yeah, I've been seeing people post a lot about this substandard mod. I have a feeling I'm already banned, never even having posted in those.

I hate to do it, but maybe @Atko or @Puttitout could please weigh in and let this guy know what's up? I, personally, am for this guy being stripped of his subverses, but maybe they can make him see sense.