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As a temporary measure, and something useful to know anyway:

Middle-click, Ctrl-click (on Windows), or Cmd-click (on OS X) should open most links in a new tab.

From a previous suggestion. I use middle-click if I want to open in a new tab, instead of relying on a site-specific feature. This way I have a choice to open in the same tab by left-clicking.


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If you use Greasemonkey for Firefox, here's a script that does just that. Also makes links open in a new window when not logged in. Also opens user profiles ("a.author") and links to subs ("a.subverse") in a new window. Sub links in the title bar are left untouched...

// ==UserScript==
// \@name        voat
// \@namespace   voat
// \@description voat
// \@include     \https://voat.co/*
// \@version     1
// \@grant       none
// ==/UserScript==

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event) {
    Array.filter(document.querySelectorAll("a.title, a.comments, a.author, a.subverse"), function(element){
        element.target = "_blank";

Not sure how to escape code correctly here, so take out those extra '\' characters in the heading section.