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Fucking quality track. I love this excerpt from an interview where he's talking about this track:

"There is a sample at the beginning of 'House Of Dupree,'" Vynehall begins. "It's the voice of Willi Ninja, one of the most well-known dancers from the voguing and ballroom scene. Most say he's the godfather of voguing, and the clip is from a film called Voguing: The Message—not Paris Is Burning, as many people have said. I received a 'message' of my own from a guy named Dave, who runs a label named Young Adults out of LA, where he also has a radio show on KXLU. He informed me that he had played 'House Of Dupree' on his show, and that the creator and director of the film, David Bronstein, happened to be listening at the time. He said that he 'called into my show literally in tears. He was so moved by the fact you used a sample from his movie in such a pure underground art form. He has turned down many corporate licensing opportunities for the film, but was so pleased when you used it because of the quality of your output.'

"This blew me away. I was speechless. I had to read the message through three or four times for it to sink in. I still find it astonishing now. I emailed Mr. Bronstein telling him what I had been told, thanking him for being so approving of what I had done, and expressed my shock, and happiness. I'm still waiting on a reply. I really do hope he does. I would love to talk to him."

Source: Resident Advisor - Leon Vynehall: Be brave