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Copying in my DM to cynical: I get it too on maybe 0.5% of videos. I've just finished a complete overhaul of the site and it should now auto-load embed most of the time when streams are bad. I say most because youtube can be so funky, sometimes a video's streams all work except one, or they return 200 OK and still don't work. I'll play around with some bad videos over the weekend to see if it can be fixed somehow.


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Thanks for the heads up Swack_, you're a jet mate.

Thanks for this awesome archiving option, total respect :)

Also, if its possible and you feel like bumping Hooktube up to the next level. Give Hooktube variable start and stop editing with multiple save states as an option. I don't know how many times I've wanted more than just the "start the youtube video from this point" option so I can chop the back end of the video off as well.

Totally love your work Swack_ mate :)

All the best,



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Provide link to the video. That looks like a browser issue on first assessment.