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Congratulations to you on your remarkable recovery.


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That is fkn awesome respect! and God bless.


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Thank you for sharing, well done :)

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Thanks so much! I'm told it's a miracle I survived but I feel like it's weird to call it a miracle. I'm stubborn is what I am. I was 37 years old at the time and I just remember when I was laying in that bed and them telling me I couldn't walk... all I could think is "oh, I'm walking! No way am I going to be in a wheelchair this young!" And I just refused to accept that I wasn't able to walk. The only lingering issues I have now are sleep disturbances (severe insomnia), anxiety that has to be medicated and short term memory issues. Now and then I deal with some aphasia (mixing up words) or just what I call brain fog/fatigue. When brain fog sets in I can't do anything but read for a while.

Oh, I'm also epileptic now but it's controlled with seizure meds.

I'm planning a hiking trip in October and looking forward to it!