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Congratulations to you on your remarkable recovery.


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That is fkn awesome respect! and God bless.


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Thank you for sharing, well done :)


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The fact you survived is amazing. My mother almost died from a brain aneurysm. She had a coil put in place before the burst. Most who have it burst don't survive man. Her live never was the same after, for instance, she couldn't comprehend how a pillow went into a pillow case. Almost everything came back but her memory. I was her memory for the last years of her life.

Kudos to you for being able to overcome it and be able to do what you love. I might not agree with everyone here, but I think we can all appreciate and respect anyone who can survive what you went through. Here's to you keeping on doing what you love!


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Thanks so much! I'm told it's a miracle I survived but I feel like it's weird to call it a miracle. I'm stubborn is what I am. I was 37 years old at the time and I just remember when I was laying in that bed and them telling me I couldn't walk... all I could think is "oh, I'm walking! No way am I going to be in a wheelchair this young!" And I just refused to accept that I wasn't able to walk. The only lingering issues I have now are sleep disturbances (severe insomnia), anxiety that has to be medicated and short term memory issues. Now and then I deal with some aphasia (mixing up words) or just what I call brain fog/fatigue. When brain fog sets in I can't do anything but read for a while.

Oh, I'm also epileptic now but it's controlled with seizure meds.

I'm planning a hiking trip in October and looking forward to it!


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I would look into medical Marijuana. It helped my mother. She would seize at night, micro ones and after the doctor suggested Marijuana she tried it and they stopped. We weren't in a legal state at the time.

My mother would get that fog too. She loved to read before and after. Before her's she would read 3 novels a day. She would inhale them. After, she was much slower but read for much the same reasons you do it appears. It would calm her mind and let her focus on something. With enough time and focus things would clear up as to say.

A miracle is an understatement. Your survival is astronomically almost impossible. I am glad to see things are returning back to some of the way things were before for you. Hope you continue to get well and if there is anything I can do or answer, let me know. Have a good one mate.