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If you know a bit about drymarchon (cribos, indigos), I'm trying to figure out the locality of the yellowtail cribo where it retains that white/black offset with "blue" patterning into adulthood. It might just be the difference between one individual to another, but if I can hedge my bet getting a baby/juvie where there's even a higher likelihood that it'll have it I'd like to try and figure it out. It seems like the patterning sometimes is far more pronounced in some adults and the same with coloring. I've seen them nearly jet black with no pattern (faded to yellow) all the way to like I previously said, the juvie blue banded carried on to adulthood. Any ideas on if this is a color morph and/or locality would make it a lot easier finding the exact one I'm looking for.

As far as indigos, I'd love one, but seeing as yellowtails are usually around 1/2 the price or less, and I consider it just as good if not better, cribo is fine with me.

Thanks for the help.