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I noticed that too. You'd think women would have been all over those fields in real life, innovating everything everywhere and guys were just hangin' on leeching. Even the daughter did the curated directory thing. Was total nonsense.

My other complaint about the show is that it never really stuck with a thing for a satisfactory amount of time. It was all over the place and just led to every innovative piece of technology out there coming from this small group of people. A friend I used to watch it withI would always joke like "oh look they invented compuserve." "Oh hey now they invented craigslist."

That season 4 girl power was something else though.


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I found this review on IMDB that sums it up pretty well...

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This show is about the birth/growth of the personal computing and the internet. It revolves around the work of a handful of characters, mixed with their personal drama. Looking back I wish I hadn't watched this series at all. The characters keep striving to be on the cutting edge, but the viewer is never really given the satisfaction when they reach their goals. Their achievements are glossed over, and the viewer is left underwhelmed.

The acting was good, but I kept waiting for something notable to happen, and it never really did. The series had the typical Hollywood social engineering (anti-male & anti-nuclear family agenda). While it wasn't so blatant in the beginning, once you got to the end, you realize there was an agenda all along.

The best programmer, hardware engineer, and business people were women. All of the main male characters in the series were portrayed to be physically weak, mentally/emotionally weak, socially awkward, or failures. They even made the suave ladies' man character bisexual. There was no "average guy" character for male viewers to relate to.

The finale made it clear the whole series was about promoting women in the tech industry. Most of the women shed connections to men, including a daughter coming out of the closet. Plus, the finale had a long pro-female speech given to a large group of women. While I have no problem with strong female characters, there comes a point when it's pushed too far and it emasculates the male characters – and the show loses complete credibility as a result.