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They fixed that god awful, multi (as in more than two) stage, 12 pound DA trigger yet? Cause I’ve wanted to love these ugly ass wheel guns since I first saw them.

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Thanks. I’ll take another look at ‘em. Great article BTW.

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@derram, you know you're linking to invidious but still saying "hooktube", right?

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The bot pulls the title of the page it's mirroring, not the title of what it's mirrored.

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the link was from hooktube, not youtube. so, technically correct.

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To many niggers in the video, had to turn it off.

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You missed out. 99% of the video was nigger free, and there were some pretty cool guns.

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Some people don't want to see niggers mixed with whites at all. Something people will have to learn to deal with.

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I am not a fan of wheel gats, but I love this gun so hard.

I want two. Preferably in .44 or 50ae

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I was just checking them out, they only come in .357 and 9mm and are sold out mostly everywhere.

They have a 2 inch barrel that would be great for CC but I really want a chance to test fire one first... the white one, 3 inch barrel, looks SO sweet!

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They come in .357/38spc, 9mm, 40sw. They are sold out because they don't sell well. most places can get them, but you are looking at about 700-900.

Don't CC this firearm. OC it. Though you'd be able to, this baby is a show piece.

They are surprisingly big, but very comfortable. As for firing them, .357 feels like its coming out of a 9m glawk.

I had the opportunity to get one several years ago, but my girlfriend said she wanted to get it for me, and asked me not to buy it for myself. Guess how that worked out.