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This is a tough one.

One one hand, I feel for the cops and their sacrifices. I wouldn't have the intestinal strength to deal with the shitheads that they deal with every day.

On the other hand: 95% of these shootouts and deaths could be avoided if they weren't trying to enforce stupid laws and stupid policies.

The war on drugs? Treating a medical and spiritual problem as a criminal problem guarantees failure.

The use of CI's and no-knock warrants? The militarization of the police? Creating 'us-vs-them' mentalities where the police don't live in the community they serve. (Do they really have to wear all black? Are they trying to tell us they are a rival gang?)


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Agreed, but I was watching it for the tactical errors.

I'm rural and we have cool deputies. They could have arrested me more than once for shit like open containers, but never have.

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Fair point on the tactical errors ... I saw lots as well.

And, agree on the rural police. We love our local police - they are awesome. They don't see the locals (city of 3K people, above average property values) as a threat, they just see their job as to protect us from outsiders.