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Killing is never wrong.

Murder is.

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man i think that sums up in 6 words the paragraph i was going to write.

Doing it without some kind of regret, even if you know there was no choice, is where the problem lies. There might be plenty of dodgy ass cops but ive known a couple over here that have been involved in fatal shootings and that was mentally the end of them. Because they were inherently good people defending themselves who would have wished it to have gone down any other way than that, to the point where it seems like they even thnk they should still be punished. That discussion with a normal person with a human conscience will always end with "... but i still killed someone.".

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But that would make us no better than you

I see that a lot - not only in the media, but in reality as well. It's very telling about Liberals - they have a superiority complex.

They think they are better than others. That they have to make sure to remain better than others.

And they project it to others. They think the only reason someone would oppose, e.g., Islam is because they think they are "better".

You can see that in their tactics as well: they try to show that Muslims are "just like everyone else". Or that Gays are "just like everyone else". Or that Blacks are "just like everyone else".

I don't care! I don't think I'm better! I'm me, and I want to keep existing! Not because I'm "better". But because I want to not die.

You can see it also by how they brand their enemies: white supremacists. Anyone that is concerned that whites are dying out, anyone that wants to preserve their own culture - must think that they / their culture are superior than others right?

WRONG! Wanting to survive doesn't mean you think you're better - it just means you don't want to die.

And how they try to push their agenda: trying to show that whites / Christians / CIS / Americans are actually "bad" or "inferior", as if that would convince you to commit suicide because you should let the "better" people replace you.

I'm sure Islam works for the people from Muslim countries. It's their culture, they like it (or at least are used to it). But it doesn't work for me. I like my culture and I want it to continue to exist. Not because it's better, but because it's mine.

Like - think of it this way: the city must build a bypass on either your or your neighbour's house. You will try to prevent them from destroying your house, right? Not because your house is "better" - but because you want somewhere to live. Trying to show you how nice your neighbor's house is won't convince you of shit.

Same with kids - I fight for my kids' future and try to give them advantages over other kids. Not because my kids are objectively "better" (smarter or more good looking or more ethical) but because they are mine.

And same with the "Confederate flag" and "General Lee's statues" - the south was "bad" so anyone fighting for it must agree with everything the south did. Can't be you're fighting because you don't want more of your friends / family / neighbors to be killed. No, you're only allowed to fight for survival if you're better than those replacing you, right?

I know "my side" does questionable things, just like "the other side" does. People are people. I don't think I'm better - I don't think my side is more ethical or in anyway different than "the other side". That's not why I'm fighting - I'm fighting for survival.

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Good points/thoughts thanks for sharing I hadn't noticed the irony that they accuse us of being supremacists while simultaneously always trying to show whites are inferior. Ironically their type of thinking and trying to show whites are inferior I thinks actually makes more whites racist/supremacists since they then actually do look at the liberal arguments and the stats show other races to be worse...

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This is how the jews use Christianity against christians.

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love thy neighbor turn the other cheek?

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Is there some conspiracy to make people believe violence is always bad?

Yes. A luciferian conspiracy to keep righteous people from protecting themselves, their family, and their civilization.

The Son of God fashioned a scourge, and used it to beat the full hell out of bankers/money changers who were defiling the temple.

The Son of God also said we are to arm ourselves, because we are responsible for our own protection.

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I suppose I've never had a rugged man tell me it "isn't your place" to do this or that. Always those who would not be capable of the smallest offensive move.

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Unless they happen to be living on our oil or our water source or our holy site. Or good forbid they want fiscal independence by controlling their own monetary supply and trading their own commodities using their own currency. In that case, fuck em'.