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and again, and again.....

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For the love of everything holy, please tell me there's more of this guy. That was fucking gold.

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Holy fuck, thank you.

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Bullets are cheap. Life is expensive. Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice.

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Never seen this guy before. Just watched a bunch of his videos. Lots of wisdom.

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Who is this guy, and who is he speaking to?

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Clint is the owner operator of Thunder Ranch, a self defense, shooting school in bum fuck Oregon. this was part of a class room portion of a class https://thunderranchinc.com/

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Even if you've only got a .22 you should be able to wrestle a scum bag until he bleeds out, once you've emptied out a magazine into his chest, face & stomach. Throw punches, elbows & knees into the gun shot wounds in order to work loose any blood clots that might be forming. The key is to NEVER SURRENDER even if your attacker is fucking you up. Blood loss is a great equalizer.