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Yes, you can paint shotguns.

But, depending on the paint you choose, chipping is a problem.

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Do you have any recommendations?

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Well, if you really want to do a good job send it to someone that does cerakote.

But if spray paint is your aim, then paint it, and keep painting it as it chips.

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Gun blue.

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Quick answer:


Slower answer:

There are steps to painting anything. Before you give that baby "The Krylon Touch", you should plan out how you're going to achieve that goal. Do you want any moving or non-moving parts to appear how they are in whatever positions they are at the new color? What will it look like when you operate that pump? Perhaps you should disassemble it for some phase in your painting.

There are mildly different phases to prep the materials any gun is constructed with. Some paints don't adhere to certain plastics (or other types of finishes). Prepping a surface often involves a bit of delicate sanding and cleaning, then touch-up sanding, and then cleaning again before it's ready for a coat. Sometimes a coat of primer is necessary for the color layer to be durable enough for regular use. A lot of people want to 'camo up' their gun and they only think of getting a few colors of matte spraypaint and a couple leaves from a nearby tree, only to realize later that it looks like shit because they didn't plan out their task. Reminder that gun oil prevents paint from doing its job.

Get these supplies first: latex gloves, rags for touching up runs or overspray and cleaning, a can of denatured alcohol (for cleaning up the sanding work), paint that is suitable for the surfaces of the shotgun, masking tape and newspaper (rags work, too), a surface where shit won't blow onto your work and stick to it.

This project will take a few hours. Expect to take your gun apart for this. The plant pattern is probably the last and simplest step in the whole thing, even though people may think it's the only step.

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Is there a particular spray paint you would recommend?

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I haven't researched that part, but if I were to search these days, I might start with something that's based on military specification because of their tendency to cut out the marketing bullshit that's so prevalent in with world of walmart customers. I'll assume that Cerakote is not an option because of the process that comes with it. Found this article that kinda reiterates what I posted to you earlier, and they refer to a brand sold by brownell's. This stuff seems fit to the task and comes in several colors. Don't be surprised at the price, but it's going to perform much better than anything you'll find at your local Cultural Enrichment Center (walmart).

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A lot pricer than a can of paint, but a lot more effective and can coat the inside parts and reduce friction. They have black options, don't have to go for the bling. https://www.titaniumgun.com/

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Don't sand! Use Steel wool, and if that is not enough, use glass beads in a sandblasting cabinet. If you use sandpaper, you WILL dig into metal and remove it, not just prepare the surface. You want to leave as much metal as possible. If there are large spots of rust, use an extra fine grit sharpening stone to reduce pits.

As for paint, if you want something that will stick, use a paint specially made for firearms- Cerecoat or Duracoat. Brownells' also sells baking lacquer in various colors and dry film lubricant called Gun-Kote that works well.

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Thanks for the advice!

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Yeah, just with varying levels of durability. DuraCoat Shake N' Spray is a good option, otherwise you could try cold rust bluing.

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thank you.