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The accuracy suffers because the steel core isn't uniformly seated so the weight distribution of the bullet is modified in flight.

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Theoretically it will go through barriers better, not really ap though. Unfortunately that means it does less damage to tissue because it holds together to well. For effectiveness it must be over 2500fps. So better for longer barrels.

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One of the main advantages is primarily exclusive to military in that it is supposed to penetrate a steel / Kevlar helmet at 500 yd

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Yeah I keep some around for stockpile and it can be had cheap at times. Not my go to range or competition ammo though.

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Only red tipped dipped in pork fat for me

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For M855 (62gr) if reasonable accuracy is your goal, at distances within 100 yds you’ll be good to go with the right rifle. I get 2 MOA out of a Colt M4 heavy carbine (16” barrel) without really trying, 1.5 if pausing and watching my breathing. For comparison same rifle will shoot sub1 with most M193 (55gr) and .3 with 77gr MK262 Mod 1 clone handloads.

Tell me you’re trying to snipe rabbits I’ll tsk, tsk, but if for range, training, short distance sport (that allow steel core) or long term cache it’s good. For home defense, there are much better choices than any listed here

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Yeah. This is just range ammo. Indoor range doesn't allow it, but I'm planning on visiting some other ranges soon.

Home defense is hollow point for the AR or buck shot for the Benelli.

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Sounds good. FWIW — any NATO brass is gonna run a bit thicker than standard .223 and is excellent for reloading. If you ever decide to save your brass, this stuff would be the one to save as long as the necks or heads don’t get too chewed up. Good shooting

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I've got a bunch of it, mainly use it for plinking and the Lake City brass for reloading.

Get around 1.5 to 2 inch groups out of the bolt action, close to the same in the ARs.

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Goes bang, hits the target. What specifically are you wanting to know?

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Grouping performance at different distances mainly. It's not boat tail or anything so I know it's not reach out and touch something ammo. Also curious if anyone knows how the velocity holds at distance.

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It's going to suffer in accuracy compared to m193 because the projectile isn't uniformly seated. It's a combat load for barrier penetration. If you want tighter groups at longer range it's better to go with a heavier bthp or otm round.

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Ahh, can't help you with such specifics I'm afraid. Only shot it at sodas and closer targets.