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I still find no mention of what crime was suspected, pretty much the gist of teh comments, also.

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They said it in the article:

Sharing photographs on their facebook page, LAPD said: “one of the largest recoveries in LAPD history. How did this happen?” The search was a joint LAPD and ATF operation investigating a tip-off that someone was selling and manufacturing illegal firearms. The search resulted in the arrest of Girard Damien Saenz, 56, on ‘suspicion of possessing, selling and manufacturing assault weapons‘.

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Yeah, I saw that, I didn't see a lot of new looking, fresh form the bench ARs in those piles though.

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This is not a gun grab, this is a gun cache being stored by one of the richest families in Los Angeles. These guns were being sold in the underground criminal network around LA. Look up Glenn Beck. A few teenagers shot a YouTube video of the house because it is abandoned. There was loads of symbolism of freemasonry and satanism.

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Well, your info makes as much sense as anything I've found out about the incident.

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This is LA. The crime that the person was initially suspected of was probably encouraging other people to take heart with their own right to self defense. If the owner was manufacturing these guns, where's the equipment and the tools? I think this was someone who was acting as an intermediary to getting a massive amount of guns sold and shipped where they needed to go, legal or otherwise. These guns are probably just from his personal collection, to keep on hand in case a customer with a sudden need popped up with a problem that needed to be resolved quickly. Like some of the other commenters have mentioned, this is only a real problem if the guns aren't California compliant (some of them most likely are not) or if the guns are select fire with the ability for them to be used in a fully automatic capacity.

I don't even get why we even care about whether or not a gun is fully automatic anyway. If you want to illegally modify an AK to become fully automatic, it's so easy a child could do it. Fully automatic fire is less accurate and dramatically increases spread. It's only really used in extreme combat situations and video games. Most guns are more lethal when they are semi automatic, you can still get plenty of fire down range, and you have more time between shots to line up the target.

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Cal compliant is only for new guns. If the gun was in the state before California made the “safe roster” they are still legal. Also if the manufacturer got it approved before they passed more regulations you can buy them with out the “safe features.” The funniest one was Sig Sauer forgot to re-apply to the roster a few years ago and had to modify their handguns to the new standards to sell in the state again.

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Ha. That is funny.

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Looks to be a decent collection. Too bad if there were any select-fire weapons in the bunch (I suppose those Thompsons will be trouble for the owner), that allows the ATF to take them all.