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Average IQ:

  • Switzerland: 102

  • Honduras: 81

Edit: Actually, this isn't the whole story. Australian aboriginals have a very low IQ, but tend not to be aggressive. But it's close a enough trend for everywhere else.

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yeah, quit thinking all people are equal

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Well fucking said. Japan and Singapore has low crime rate without owning guns because look their average IQ.

You can distribute guns to all sub-80 IQ saharans and they'll just kill each other. Does owning guns make less crime in the ghettos? No! The nigger just use the guns to shoot each other!

See, here's the nigger problem explained: they're dumb and violent, and having too many of them in your areas = high violent crime. It's that simple.

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Or: Switzerland: White. Honduras: Not quite.

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Liberals can't admit this though (probably even to themselves) so this meme basically puts them between a rock and a hard place.

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socioeconomic factors is the reason! give Honduras free reparations from Switzerland to make up for Swiss historic oppression

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Switzerland is white it has nothing to do with guns

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It really needs another row


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When presenting some statistics people will admit it's true, but call it racist.

This statistic, while it is technically true, it's not racist enough.

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Switzerland is actually pretty gun controlled now. The "owning gun" requirement essentially means that citizens are assigned a rifle that is kept in locked storage. It's nothing like America.

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Uhm this is total bullshit. The Swiss laws only allow you to buy a weapon for sports or hunting.

You are not even allowed to buy bullets if you don't also have the permit to buy the matching gun.

You have to register every weapon that you had before that law revision passed in 2008.

You are not allowed to carry bullets in the same bag as your weapon, obviously not in the chamber either.

Shooting your gun isn't allowed even on your privat property.

Every gun that has been restored/repaired has to be registered as such.

The information on any and every gun purchase will be stored for at least 30 years.

Even to trade guns among collectors or sellers, you will have to report any exchange and need a permit for every weapon.

But I guess Memes are the truth on here.

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While this information is a dangerous simplification, to the point of being untrue; it is every bit as valid as every pro-gun-control argument. Why should we be the side that only deals in verifiable facts and altruistic statements? They should get hit with a "technically true" non-sequitur once in a while.

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Perhaps because we pride ourselves on truth and fact and not on manipulation and lies?

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Spot on.

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Because nothing of it is true, not the point of being untrue.In what kind of delusion do you have to live to come up with such a response?

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Comparing 8.2 million turds with 8.2 million diamonds.

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Honduras are useless golems at least Africans can pick cotton Shaloms Goyim

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Niggers vs Nords.

This isn’t even a fair example.

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